POWERYOUTH is a project, financed by the LIFE Programme, which intends to involve and capacitate young people in the context of energy communities, aiming at their empowerment and active contribution for the energy transition. The project also recognises the importance of youth leadership for the adoption of new lifestyles and skills acquisition to support sustainable energy practices.

Based on European Year of Youth in 2022, POWERYOUTH seeks to mitigate the lack of tools which promote a continued participation of young people in energy communities, along with their training considering energy sustainability. This being, the projects aims, through a joint and participatory approach, to enable the dialogue between youth and local stakeholders, facilitating their active contribution and participation in energy communities.

This project, coordinated by SINGULAR LOGIC (GR), began in January 2024 and will have a duration of 36 months, with a budget of 1,5M€. The consortium includes 9 partners from 7 different countries and also a pan-European partner.

The POWERYOUTH approach will be implemented in 5 pilots located in the European Union, with objective of creating, at least, 10 youth energy communities (2 in each pilot), with a minimum engagement of 1000 young people, along with other stakeholders. The 5 pilots where this 10 energy communities will be established, 2 in each country, are located in Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Polland and Portugal.
The Portuguese pilot is in Asprela area, in the city of Porto, with a high concentration of young people, due to its proximity to the university area, and where the project  Asprela+Sustentável, aiming at the creation of a renewable energy community, is being developed.

AdEPorto is one of the partner entities of the project and, throughout its duration, will contribute to the following objectives:
  1. Effective engagement of youth and other key actor by the organisation of dedicated collective sessions;
  2. Development of tools which enable youth capacity process in the energy communities;
  3. Establishment and support of collective actions in energy communities, constituted by young people;
  4. Elaboration and implementation of a comprehensive and replicable programme, for the development of skills by the young people, in the context of sustainable energy, promoting their active participation in energy communities;
  5. Mobilization of youth associations along with local authorities to replicate the POWERYOUTH approach in all EU;
  6. Recommendation of politics and plans elaboration, to accelerate energy communities implementation in other areas.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101120687.
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