Porto Solar

The Porto Solar project aims to implement solutions for energy production from solar renewable sources in buildings of the Municipality of Porto, developed under Decree-Law No. 162/2019 of 25 October (currently repealed by Decree-Law No. 15/2022 of 14 January) where self-consumption solutions allow buildings to become increasingly self-sufficient in relation to external entities.

The project covers 29 buildings, 25 of which are basic schools, with an expected installed capacity of 1MWp with an investment of around 1M€. The implementation of this project will result in a reduction in the use of electricity from the grid by about 27%, a total of 1.4 GWh per year, with an estimated cost reduction in the electricity bill of over 150 thousand € per year, avoiding the emission of 500 tons of greenhouse gases (GHG).

The data of energy use and production will be later integrated into a platform that, through the presentation on wallboards, will allow the results to be shared in an intelligible and pedagogical way with users.

By favoring the installation of this equipment in schools, the municipality intends to raise awareness among students and the community about the advantages of solar energy, raising consciousness and inducing behavior.