Porto Solar Metropolitano

The Porto Solar Metropolitano project provides for the implementation, in the buildings of the Associated Municipalities, and other entities, of solutions for the production of electricity from solar photovoltaic sources, on a self-consumption basis, constituting a high economic and environmental potential for the Municipalities through the decentralized production of energy and by contributing to achieving the objectives of the Action Plans.

AdEPorto conducted studies using an advanced tool for optimization and evaluation of potential, internally developed, which based on information from energy use profiles allows the sizing of photovoltaic facilities on a self-consumption basis, including technical and financial feasibility studies in order to maximize the potential for implementation of each system. Using this tool and the information provided by Municipalities, more than a hundred buildings were studied, which 79 present technical and economic feasibility conditions for implementation.

The results obtained estimate that the installation of photovoltaic production units in buildings, on a self-consumption basis with a total power value of 4.2 MWp, will result in an estimated annual reduction of € 720,000 in the electricity bill, with a local renewable production of 6.2 GWh per year, leading to an annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of 2,245 tonCO2.