The Municipality of Porto started the installment of LED technology in Public Lighting


As part of the “IP Total LED” initiative, the Municipality of Porto will install around 26 thousand more efficient luminaires, in an intervention that will make LED technology represent more than 90% of the total Public Lighting infrastructure in the territory.

This measure, which is based on the Porto Public Lighting Master Plan (PDIP), and which has the monitoring and support of the Porto Energy Agency, will allow annual savings of around 1.1 million euros and should take to an annual reduction of 3,605 tons of CO2 and 10,015 MWh of final energy.

With the current energy crisis, this is an intervention with an even more relevant impact, given the current need to reduce energy use. Thus, energy savings through Public Lighting also appear to help mitigate the effects of this crisis, being associated with other measures that the Municipality - and other territories - has already started to implement