Protocol signed by AdEPorto in a decisive step towards the energy transition


Accelerate the energy transition more efficiently and effectively. This is the main objective of the protocol signed today between the Porto Energy Agency, Porto City Council and EDP Distribuição.

The development of new technology solutions for decentralized production, for public lighting or optimized charging for electric mobility is the focus of the memorandum of understanding. And, with the creation of a Centre for Energy Transition - also provided for in the protocol - citizens and interested entities alike can be an active part of the process. This is an ideal place to present initiatives on this subject.

"The presence of the Porto Energy Agency in this project reveals another tangible effort in the development of innovative solutions to promote the energy transition in cities", states AdEPorto's President of the Board of Directors. Filipe Araújo adds that the next step is "to reach carbon neutrality before 2050". "We are not standing still", he concludes. MoreoverThe Mayor of Porto also mention that "the energy transition theme is absolutely critical". The mission is to make the city a "renewable energy producer, either through self-consumption projects or by studying how to implement future energy communities".

In this regard, EDP's executive director, João Marques da Cruz, underlines the company’s contribution through "the modernization and automation of the electricity network". There is also the example - throughout the country - of the replacement of more than 650 thousand conventional public lighting systems with LEDs. Signed at Porto City Hall, the protocol is another step by the city on the path towards efficiency and the energy transition.