Fundo Ambiental is providing support to residential condominiums for the application of thermal insulation


Fundo Ambiental launched a program to assist with the application or replacement of thermal insulation on facades, roofs, and floors. This initiative is part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan and is intended for residential condominiums throughout the country. The incentives are available until December 28, 2023, subject to the availability of the allocated 12 million euros.

If the application or replacement of thermal insulation is made using natural or recycled materials, the cost of the work is covered by 80%. If other materials are used, the intervention is covered by 70%. Each beneficiary is limited to a maximum support of 150 thousand euros.

The Environmental Fund's new notice also includes a provision of 400 euros per application for technical monitoring support and an additional aid of 125 euros for energy certification.

The objective of this program, as stated on the Environmental Fund website, is to finance "energy efficiency measures that improve the thermal comfort of residential buildings, reduce energy bills, and renovate the existing housing stock".

Details about the Support Program for Residential Condominiums, including geographic and sectoral coverage, beneficiaries, and the types of interventions supported, can be found on the program's official page. Apply through the same link and contact the Porto Energy Agency for assistance during the process."