Energia e Conforto para Todos”: The project that brings up the Energy Efficiency in AMP-ND


We are pleased to share the launch of our new project “Energia e Conforto para Todos”. This project is funded in the scope of Strategic Energy Efficiency Plan, approved by the Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE) and pretends to mitigate energy vulnerability and improve the houses thermal comfort.

The aim of the project is to implement measures to increase energy efficiency and quality of life improvement in Área Metropolitana do Porto a Norte do Rio Douro (AMP-ND). It is expected the engagement of schools, Municipal and Local governments and habitation managing entities, with the purpose of disseminating good practises in the context of energy efficiency.

During the project, a survey will be launched to all the resident population of AMP-ND, which will allow to analyse the houses in terms of energy efficiency and identify the most vulnerable ones. The answers collected by the survey will enable the attribution of 50 “Vales Conforto” to families, to implement measures to mitigate energy vulnerability and increase the thermal comfort of their houses.

For more information concerning the project “Energia e Conforto para Todos” visit the official website: https://energiaeconfortoparatodos.pt/