AdEPorto and Maia participate in a European project promoted by the New European Bauhaus


The Porto Energy Agency - AdEPorto - and the Municipality of Maia participate in a European project that will promote the first initiative based on the pillars of the New European Bauhaus in Portugal.

The project - called EYES HANDS HEARTS Urban Revolution (EHHUR) - was one of 5 selected by the European Commission among 42 proposals submitted to a call by the New European Bauhaus, of which AdEPorto is a member, for the development of innovative solutions in the fields of renovation of buildings, circularity, arts, culture, sustainable cities and urban regeneration.

In Maia, EHHUR will focus on Bairro do Sobreiro, both in housing blocks and in common outdoor spaces. Co-creation actions will be developed with the local population, in order to involve citizens in decision-making regarding common spaces. These works will also make it possible to mitigate the situation of energy poverty that the most vulnerable residents - socially and economically - face.

The project will also contribute to reinforce the purpose of the New European Bauhaus - to create more sustainable, inclusive and aesthetic spaces across the European Union, while engaging citizens in the green and energy transition at the local level.

The first initiative of the New European Bauhaus foresaw the allocation of 25 million euros to 5 projects that promote more sustainable, beautiful and inclusive cities. EYES HANDS HEARTS Urban Revolution (EHHUR), one of the chosen programs, will be financed in 5 million euros to be applied in 6 other countries besides Portugal: Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia and Italy.