Porto’s Municipality, E-REDES and Porto Energy Agency open Center for Energy Transition


Porto’s Municipality, E-REDES and the Porto Energy Agency opened today the Center for the Energy Transition of Porto (CTEP). This will be an informative and educational space about the evolution of networks and smart cities in the context of energy transition and climate change fight, where existing challenges are explained and technological solutions developed by the Distribution Network Operator, the Municipality and the Energy Agency are presented. These innovative solutions have practical application in the city, in areas such as decentralized production, charging optimization for electric mobility and public lighting.

Located on the premises of Porto Innovation Hub, the new Center was created under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the three entities on July 16, 2020, with a view to promoting new technologies, equipment and solutions for the benefit of consumers and the municipality. In addition to promoting innovation in the electricity sector, the CTEP intends to be a space for sharing knowledge and a catalyst for good practices, in partnership with scientific, academic and business institutions, in which the citizen assumes a central role, as an active agent in the energy transition.

This Center will make it possible to monitor, in a pedagogical and assertive manner, the results of various investments already made in Porto, which result in a real energy (r)evolution in the city, particularly with regard to the transition to electric mobility powered by 100% clean energy, to the decentralized production of renewable energy with the Porto Solar Project, highlighting the first Renewable Energy Community to be developed in Bairro Agra do Amial and which will be an example for other investments to be made in the city in terms of decarbonization and efficient use of energy.

“Today, another step is being taken to accelerate energy transition in Porto. The creation of the CTEP is a way to make citizens aware of, and to all who want to visit it, how innovation, combined with knowledge, has applications in everyday life and in our decision-making. E-REDES, as the operator of the national distribution network, plays a central role in the development of solutions that guarantee a supply of electricity with quality, safety and efficiency. The projects you can find here are proof of our commitment to the future”, João Martins de Carvalho, member of the Board of Directors of E-REDES, guaranteed.

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, highlights the role of the municipality in the city's energy transition: “Porto aims to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050, aligning decarbonisation expectations with the main European cities, without forgetting that the transition. What we want has to be sustainable and fair, involving citizens and creating conditions for them to realize the added value of the projects implemented by the Municipality, emphasizing the reduction of energy poverty in the territory. This CTEP will be one of the showcases of the Porto City Council to present to the city the investments and achievements in the energy area so that everyone feels involved and actively participates in the change that we have to assume in this area.”

For more information you can consult the Porto Energy Transition Accelerator website at https://atep.e-redes.pt.